Scholarships Scholarships

Donor-funded undergraduate scholarships aim to support students who might not otherwise be able to come to University. Often these students are from backgrounds that present obstacles to their educational aspirations. Students from more disadvantaged areas of the country may struggle to get to University. If they come from low-income households, this only becomes harder. Many are the first generation in their family to attend university. Scholarships aren’t only about removing the financial obstacle to study. They are about letting recipients know that UEA believes in their potential, and so does their scholarship donor. 

The past year has seen the addition of several new scholarships. The Roy Snelling Scholarship in the School of Computing Sciences is one such scholarship. Newly available for 2018/19 entry, it supports an undergraduate student in the School of CMP, to the tune of £15,000 across the duration of study. 

There are also three new scholarships for entrants to UEAs prestigious postgraduate Creative Writing Courses, on top of the existing scholarships already funded by generous donors. The UEA Crowdfunded BAME Writers’ Scholarship and the Birch Family Scholarship are two new additions which have been developed to support a BAME student on home fees, for Creative Writing: Prose Fiction and Creative Writing: Poetry, respectively. The UEA Crowdfunded BAME Writers’ Scholarship has been spearheaded by UEA alumna and author Louise Doughty to support a talented student who might not otherwise be able to attend university. The Miles Morland Foundation African Scholarship is another addition to the Scholarships programme. It will enable an African student to study on the Creative Writing: Prose Fiction course. 

UEA is hugely grateful to each and every scholarship donor, and the Development Office hopes to grow the scholarships programme even more to enable worthy, talented students to study at UEA. 

For further details about how to apply for scholarships, visit the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship pages. If you would like to make a donation to the UEA Difference Scholarships, amongst other causes, you can do so here. If you’re interested in funding a scholarship of your own, please contact the UEA Development Office at, or on 01603 593930.