Ian Hunter (SOC 68) Ian Hunter (SOC 68)

Ian Hunter has pledged to leave a legacy to UEA in his Will. He is now retired after a fruitful and interesting working life in the Further Education sector, initially as a Lecturer, and later as a careers Advisor and Manager.

"I attended a Grammar School in South Yorkshire in the 1960s. The practice of the headmaster was to interview all the sixth formers at the end of lower sixth. My interview in June 1967 was a relatively short one, as he told me that, frankly, both my aims of going to university and to study Geography were unrealistic. He felt that higher education, for someone like me, was an unlikely proposition. He suggested that, if I still insisted on applying, I should only consider the new universities what had recently opened, and to try to read Sociology; both options he thought would attract less competition.

"At the end of the interview I made it clear that I had not changed my mind; consequently he chose the six universities and the courses for me. I left his office more determined to prove him wrong and we never spoke to each other again.

"This interview nurtured a healthy life-long mistrust of people in authority which, ironically, has served me well. I leave part of my estate to UEA as a mark of gratitude, not just for three enjoyable years, but mainly for giving me the opportunity to meet staff and students with more open minds than my headmaster.

"Both my parents were keen on education; however, the opportunity of a university education was not open to them. Hopefully, my gift will go some way to help the next generation to have the kind of high quality, life-changing experience that I had."