Legacy Donors Legacy Donors

The following donors have left a legacy to UEA in their Will:

Mr John Chittock
Mr Brian Copeland (DEV87)
Mr Bernard Francis (HIS02)
Mrs Helen Fuller
Mr Mike George (BIO69)
Mr Sydney Glossop (SOC84)
Mr Barrie Hawkins (HIS97)
Mr Bill Hemming (d.) and Mrs Roselies Hemming (d.)
Professor Jimmy Jones
Mr John Jones (BIO76)
Mrs Bridget Kenrick (EAS80)
Dr Brenda Leckie (BIO63)
Mrs Doris Lessing
Dr Michael and Dr Joyce Morris
Mr Tim Pickup (CHE67)
Lady Lisa Sainsbury
Professor Norman Sheppard
Miss Rosamund Strode
Mrs Margaret Trillian née McIntosh (ARE87)
Mr Dick van der Ven
Mrs Ena Warminger

Gifts in Memory    

Donations to Creative Writing Scholarships in memory of Professor Colin Clarke, founding member of the UEA School of English in 1963.