Using the university's main car park Using the university's main car park

The Main Car Park at the University (P1 on the campus map) uses chipcoin tokens instead of the usual paper tickets.

Main Car Park Entry

Main Car Park Payment

Payment must be made at the END of your parked stay and you must leave the car park promptly after payment to ensure no additional charges are incurred. Please pay parking charges at the Pay-On-Foot machines at the entrance to the Main Car Park, before returning to your vehicle and then insert your token at the exit barrier. Those with a visitor permit will need to validate their token at the Security Lodge:

Main Car Park Exit

Lost Token?

If you lose your token for the Main Car Park at UEA, there is a charge of £25 (refundable if token found). Exit from the Main Car Park can be obtained by paying for a lost token at Pay Machine 1 as follows:

  1. Press the ‘Lost Token' button
  2. Make payment (£25)
  3. A new token will be issued in the change slot at the bottom of the machine
  4. Press for a receipt
  5. Take your token and put it in the slot at the exit barrier

Token Refund
If you have paid for a Lost Token, but subsequently find it, you can claim your money back (minus any parking fee due) from The Lodge. To do this, you MUST have your receipt and the original token which you lost.  Bring them to The Lodge between the hours of 7am and 9pm Monday – Friday to claim your refund.

If you have any queries regarding the Main Car Park or how to use it, please contact The Travel & Transport Department by telephone on 01603 592353 or by emailing