Rules for the Submission of Theses for Research Degrees


These rules should be read together with the detailed instructions provided in the document 'Research Degrees Policy Document 3: Submission, Presentation, Consultation and Borrowing of Thesis' available on the 'Regulations' page of the PGR Service My UEA pages.

IMPORTANT: Until further notice, and at least until 31 December 2020, due to COVID-19 restrictions only electronic thesis submissions can be accepted (either by email or OneDrive) . Therefore candidates do not need to submit a soft-bound or a hard bound copy of their thesis. Further details can be found in the COVID-19 FAQs within the PGR Service My UEA Pages. 

1. A candidate must submit:


(1)       three copies of an abstract of the thesis, not exceeding 300 words, in a form suitable for publication. If the candidate is awarded the degree, the University may publish this abstract in any manner approved by the Senate or by the Head of the School concerned.


(2)       a statement showing what part, if any, of the material offered has previously been submitted by the candidate for a degree in this or any other University and, if joint work is submitted, what part of it is the candidate's independent contribution.


(3)       a statement of the length of the thesis or of the length of the critical analysis where such an analysis is required. Word counts include footnotes, endnotes, the abstract and the bibliography, but exclude: the title page; copyright statement; acknowledgements; table of contents; list of illustrations; tables, figures or images and their legends; glossary of terms; and appendices.


(4)       a certificate from the primary supervisor that any required taught courses have been satisfactorily completed.


In the case of the degree of PhD by Publication


(5)       The bound copies of the published work submitted must include a list of the publications on which the assessment for the degree is to be based, a critical analysis of the work submitted and, where multi-authored works are included in the list, written evidence of the candidate’s own original contribution to the work in respect of:


(a) design of the investigation

(b) conduct of the research

(c) analysis of the outcome

(d) preparation of the work for publication.


Copies of all the published work to be assessed must also be included, either bound together with the above or separately contained.

2. Submission of the Thesis


(1)       Any thesis must be written in English and presented in the required form.


(2)       A candidate shall submit the thesis in a condition suitable for preservation in the University Library. A candidate should consult the Head of Academic Liaison, Library as to the proper form of binding for the thesis or to the format of the electronic thesis submission.


(3)       Two copies are required of the candidate. If a candidate is successful one copy of the thesis shall be deposited in the University Library and shall be allowed to leave it only on conditions approved by the Senate. The second copy shall be deposited with the School most concerned with the thesis. Candidates should submit the Library copy of the final version of their thesis, as approved by their Examiners, in electronic format in portable document format (pdf). The electronic copy must be submitted at the same time as the printed copy (where required) and should be identical to the printed version, which is deposited with the School. Where redaction of material from the thesis has been approved by the University a copy of the redacted version of the thesis must also be submitted.

The Library may also, in exceptional circumstances, accept a hard copy of the thesis where the form of the submission makes it difficult to accept in purely digital format, for example, where there are multiple objects that cannot be digitised. The Library will provide advice on this and exceptions will be agreed with the Head of Academic Liaison, Library.


For hard copies of the thesis, where required


(4)       The texts of theses shall, as far as possible, be typewritten on ISO A4 size paper of good quality and bound in a fixed binding of boards with black cloth back or other suitable binding. The volume shall bear the name of the candidate, the title of the thesis, the name of the degree for which the thesis is submitted and the date of submission.


The title page should include the following words: “This copy of the thesis has been supplied on condition that anyone who consults it is understood to recognise that its copyright rests with the author and that use of any information derived there-from must be in accordance with current UK Copyright Law. In addition, any quotation or extract must include full attribution.”


(5)       Diagrams, maps and similar documents may be submitted in a portfolio of any size and must bear equally the particulars mentioned in rule (3) above.


(6)       A candidate may with the permission of the Academic Director of UEA Doctoral College submit recorded material, such as audiotape, videotape and film, of not more than one hour's running length as supporting evidence. This must be in addition to a written thesis and not a substitute for any part of it. The examiners may require candidates to deposit copies of the recorded material with the thesis in the Library and in the appropriate School. Work submitted in non-book material form should be in a durable form suited to preservation over long periods. The item should be provided with an appropriate container approved by the Head of Academic Liaison, Library and bearing on its exterior the particulars listed in (4) above.


In the case of the Professional Practice programme in the School of Art, Media and American Studies


(7)       A substantial part of the thesis may be curatorial, archival, educational or creative in content. This will be represented in the thesis submission by a substantial dossier of practical work presented in an appropriate, accessible and enduring format.


For all candidates


(8)       A candidate shall initially submit a thesis electronically in a format that can easily be printed if necessary and (where required) in a secure soft binding sufficiently durable for the assessment process. No Pass List will be issued after successful assessment until the thesis has been resubmitted in the form outlined in rules (1) to (5) above and the candidate has confirmed that no changes, other than any required by the examiners, have been made to any part of the thesis from that previously assessed. The Pass List will not be issued until both the print version (where required) and electronic version of the thesis have been deposited with the University.


(9)       Whether soft-bound, hard-bound or in electronic format, all submitted research degree theses must be prepared in accordance with the instructions set out in the 'Research Degrees Policy Document 3: Submission, Presentation, Consultation and Borrowing of Theses on the 'Regulations' page of the PGR Service My UEA pages.