Library Rules 2023/24


These rules are designed to safeguard the common interests of all Library users. 


All users are admitted on the understanding that they have read and will observe Library rules.  Infringement of these rules could result in suspension or withdrawal of borrowing privileges, formal disciplinary procedures or other penalties as imposed by the Library Director, or their representative.

Our ethos is to work in partnership with library users to provide a friendly, safe and respectful environment, with differential services that take the different needs of our users are taken into account. 

These Library Rules are subject to change at short notice. The most up-to-date version can be found on the Library website. 


1.            Membership


1.1          All staff and registered students of UEA are members of the Library are listed on teh University website. 


1.2          External users can apply for library membership through a form available on the University web pages.  External membership is granted on a ‘best efforts’ basis and may be suspended for periods of time owing to circumstances beyond the Library’s control, such as a global pandemic.  Always check the Library website before travelling.


1.3          Members of the public are welcome to visit the Library for reference purposes between 7am and 7pm and will be asked to fill in the visitor book at Library Reception.  Walk-in visitor access is granted on a ‘best efforts’ basis and may be suspended for periods of time owing to circumstances beyond the Library’s control, such as a global pandemic. Always check the Library website before travelling.  Between 7pm and 7am, access is restricted to campus card entry only.


1.4          Unaccompanied children under the age of 16 will not be admitted to the Library.  Any children entering the building must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.


1.6          Anyone entitled to borrow and wishing to do so must have a UEA campus card or Library card.  The card is not transferable and must be produced each time items are borrowed.  Replacement cards can be obtained form the IT Service Desk


1.6          Users must produce their campus card or Library card if requested to do so by a member of Library or Security staff.  Cards remain the property of the University and can be retained by staff if necessary.  


2.            General


2.1          We aim to treat all our users with respect and according to their needs.  Similarly, all Library users are expected to treat Library staff and other Library users with respect.  Any user displaying rude, aggressive or other inappropriate behaviour may be asked to leave and, if appropriate, referred to the Library's Head of User Experience, UEA Security and/or the University’s Disciplinary Officers. This includes compliance with all health and safety measures and notices in place to reduce risk and protect users.


2.2          The Library welcomes comments and constructive feedback on our services and aims to provide an appropriate and timely response. Our email address is


2.3          Smoking, including e-cigarettes, anywhere in the Library building and the adjacent walkways is prohibited in line with the University’s Smoke Free Policy. Anyone smoking or vaping in the building will be asked to leave and may also face disciplinary action if they are a student or member of staff.


2.4         Cold snacks may be eaten in the Library.  Please be considerate of other users, especially in the designated silent areas, to help maintain an environment conducive to study.  Hot food can only be eaten on floor 0 (although not in the IT lab, group pods or room 0.10). Non-alcoholic drinks in bottles or lidded cups may also be consumed in the Library. Alcohol is not allowed anywhere in the building.


2.5         In order to ensure we maintain a clean, tidy and pleasant working environment and in the interests of other Library users, study spaces must be left clean and tidy at all times and all litter placed in the appropriate recycling or general waste (landfill) bins provided.


2.6          The Library is intended to be a quiet space for individual and group study. For the Library to work for everyone, users are expected to be aware of the type of space they are in and use it appropriately.  Silence should be observed in silent areas.  Talking is allowed in group study areas, but loud or exuberant behaviour is not allowed and you may be asked to leave if you disturb or cause offence to other Library users.  Users can participate in online learning in the IT labs on floors 0 and 1.  Headsets can be borrowed from the Library helpdesk for this purpose. 


2.7          Use of computer facilities in the Library is subject to the existing UEA Conditions of Computer Use available on the ITCS website. Users are reminded that computer facilities are provided primarily for legitimate academic purposes such as learning, research or personal educational development. You may be asked to leave if you disturb or cause offence to other Library users.


2.8          In order to ensure fair and equal access to study spaces and facilities in the Library, booking systems may occasionally be instigated at times when demand is likely to outstrip supply. Any ‘walk in’ open access study spaces and computers may not be informally “reserved” by simply leaving your belongings there for prolonged periods.  Library staff may clear away any personal property left on tables or in study rooms and shut down any computers left unattended for longer than 30 minutes so that other users can find a space to study.


2.9          The Library is a public building.  Personal belongings should not be left unattended at any time.   If you choose to bring personal possessions into the Library this is at your own risk. Valuables left unattended may be removed by library staff.


2.10      Animals and pets, with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs, are not permitted in the Library building.


2.11      Filming and official photography in the library can only be undertaken with prior written permission. UEA students wishing to film should discuss with their course tutor in the first instance. All other applications to film in the library must be sent to


2.12      Plug sockets are provided for using individual devices for study purposes only, and in doing so, care must be taken by users to ensure there are no trailing cables.  Library users must not use sockets for inappropriate items such as kettles or for charging e-scooters.  UEA equipment such as PCs and height-adjustable desks must remain plugged in at all times.


2.13    For phone/facetime conversations users may speak for a short amount of time in a stairwell but should not sit down or prevent others moving easily through the Library.  For lengthy calls, users are asked to use spaces outside the library building to avoid disturbing other users or blocking the stairwells or corridors as these are also fire exit routes.
2.14    All visitors to the Library should make themselves aware of the nearest available fire exits and evacuate the building immediately the fire alarm is activated.


3.         Borrowing


3.1        No item may be removed from the Library until it has been borrowed.  Unauthorised removal of items from the Library will be treated as a University disciplinary offence and has, on occasions, been referred to the Police.  Any items that may have set off the Library’s security alarm must be taken out of bags and shown on request at the exit.  


3.2          Some Library items may not be borrowed and may not be removed from the Library.  These include periodicals (journals), theses and reference only items.


3.3          Users are responsible for ensuring they are aware of the due dates of items borrowed.  Most items will be automatically renewed on the date they are due to be returned.  Items that have been requested by another user will not automatically renew and must be returned on or before the due date.  See the Library website for further details.


3.4          Library notices will only be sent by email, normally to UEA email addresses (or personal email addresses for external members).  Non-receipt of notices, for whatever reason, cannot be accepted as a reason for late return, otherwise other users are potentially disadvantaged.  Users are therefore advised to check their Library account and emails regularly.


3.5          Users are responsible for all transactions on their Library account and are advised to ensure they close their Library record at the end of any transactions undertaken on the self-service equipment or computers in the library, or when remotely logging in to their Library account.  Library/campus cards are not transferable and must not be used by anyone other than the registered member. If you believe your card has been used fraudulently you must report it to the Library immediately  who will advise you on our procedures and our Alleged Misuse of Card process. 


3.6         A temporary freeze on further borrowing may be imposed for the late return of any Library material requested by other users (your IT account is unaffected).  Users are encouraged to contact Library staff as soon as possible with any problems or queries relating to their Library account or items they have borrowed as there is a range of extenuating circumstances where we may be able to help resolve the issue or provide mitigation. 


3.7         Refusal to return Library material, including items borrowed from other libraries on the user’s behalf, may result in an invoice being raised for the replacement cost of the material, so that other users are not disadvantaged. 


3.8          Individuals must return all items and pay any charges before the end of their course or, in the case of staff, before they leave the University or Institute or cease teaching courses franchised or validated by the University.  External members must return all items and pay any charges by the expiry date on their campus card.


3.9          Items must be returned via the self-service machines or placed in the designated returns box(es).  Should neither option be available, items must be handed to Library reception. Items remain your responsibility until they appear as returned on the Library system.  Users may be liable for the cost of repair of any item damaged or any item lost while the loan remains on their account.


3.10       Some items may be borrowed by UEA students and staff for an extended period over the vacations.  See the Library website for further details.


3.11        Material in the Library’s special collections is subject to special regulations regarding its use.


3.12        Audio Visual material is licensed for academic use only, i.e. not for recreational purposes.


4.            Borrowing from other sources


4.1          Inter-library loan facilities are available to UEA staff in academic schools and all registered UEA undergraduate and postgraduate students.  


4.2         Inter-library loan material is subject to any conditions imposed by the lending library and failure to comply with such conditions may lead to the suspension of borrowing privileges.


Infringement of these rules may result in suspension or withdrawal of borrowing privileges, formal disciplinary procedures or other sanctions as imposed by the Library Director, or their representative.


11th May 2023