Consultation and Borrowing of Theses - 2023/24



If a candidate for a Research Degree is approved for the award of the degree, an electronic copy of the thesis is deposited in the University Library where it shall be available for consultation and/or copying in the manner described in the following paragraph.

Theses deposited in the University Library cannot be removed from the Library. However, copies may be taken, normally in one of the following ways:

(1)       by the British Library Document Supply Service which may make a digital copy of UEA PhD theses available for download via EThOS, the British Library‚Äôs E-theses initiative.

(2)      by the University Library which will make theses originally submitted in hard copy available for reference for use in the Library.

All copies made in accordance with the above provisions will include the title page of the thesis which should include a statement protecting the author's copyright (See Rules for the Submission of Form of Theses for Research Degrees Regulation 2(5)).

In particular cases where the original hard copy (if deposited in that form) is sought, the University Library passes on inter-library loan requests to the School of Studies or Institute concerned. Hard-bound copies of theses deposited in the University Library are never lent to other libraries.

The Head of School (or nominee), at the request of the author, may determine that a particular thesis shall, for a period of up to three years specified by the Head of School (or nominee), be available only to the author or to those who have written permission to consult it. A candidate wishing to apply for a consultation restriction to be placed on their thesis should apply for the appropriate form from the Postgraduate Research Service. The completed form must accompany the electronic copy  of the thesis, when submitted. Theses whose use is restricted in this way are not sent to the British Library Document Supply Service either in electronic format or for digitisation by EThOS. The embargoed thesis will still be stored electronically in the UEA Digital Repository, but restricted so as not to display to users until the restriction has lapsed.