Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing


Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor Recruitment - Professor Charles Seger (Chair)

Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing - Mrs Angelina Bingley

Associate Deans (Admissions) (or Dean of Faculty as alternate) – HUM Thomas Roebuck, FMH Sue Maddon & Katrina Emerson, SCI Stephen Laycock, SSF Francis Lemmon

Director of Finance –Jason Brown

Head of Planning – Dr Garrick Fincham

Associate Director Marketing Strategy – Giles Whattam

Associate Director Admissions and Applicant Engagement – Alix Delany

Associate Director UEA Global – Karen Blackney   

Associate Director Recruitment, Outreach and Events – Claire Petley  

Associate Director Content and Communications – Caroline Mayers  

Head of Postgraduate Research Service – Vivien Easson

Centre Director INTO UEA – Debbie Price

Student Representative UEA Students’ Union – TBC


Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor – Professor Christine Bovis-Cnossen

PA to Director of Recruitment and Admissions – Daisy Mailey (Minutes) 


Terms of Reference

(1)        to make recommendations to ET on matters of strategy, policy, operation and resource concerning access, recruitment, admissions and marketing activity in relation to UK, European Union and international students;

(2)        to review formally and monitor progress against student number targets (and tariff scores as applicable) on enquiries, applications and conversion rates during the year; and to recommend to ET such action as required to achieve agreed student number targets/tariff scores;

(3)        to review formally and monitor progress on student number targets and tariff scores for current and future years including monitoring performance on APP and NEACO commitments and targets around widening access and outreach to HE and UEA;

(4)        to receive and consider regular reports from Faculty Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing Executives;

(5)        to receive and consider regular reports from the Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing Division, Learning and Teaching Committee and other Committees where they may impact upon recruitment and admissions;

(6)        to monitor the impact of policy and practice in the areas of access, recruitment, admissions and marketing on equality of opportunity for potential students, to ensure compliance with the University’s requirements and those of external regulatory bodies, and to report annually to Senate; and

(7)        to consider the impact of economic, political, environmental and health related global events on recruitment, and to review options for mitigation.