Meet your UEA Council for 2022-2023

Back row - Dr Jonathan Paine, Disa Lee-Choun, Jeremy Clayton, Professor Fiona Lettice, Professor David Richardson, Kristopher Harper-Allison, Taylor Sounes, Mark Williams, Ian Callaghan. 
Front row - Thomas Mather, Gillian Maclean, Professor Lu-Yun Lian, Dr Usha Sundaram, Professor Laura Camfield, Dr Sally Howes, Serene Shibli-Sexton, Jeanette Wheeler, Francis Tengensha, Professor Christine Bovis-Cnossen. 
(Dr Andy Wood and Stephen Evans were absent when photograph taken) 


New Independent Members 2022-2023


Thomas Mather, Professor Lu-Yun Lian and Francis Tengenesha


New Internal UEA Members 2022-2023


Professor Laura Camfield (Member appointed by Senate), Serene Shibli-Sexton and Taylor Sounes (Student Members)


Go to the Council - Who we Are webpage for more detailed information.