UEA Group Personal Pension (UEAGPP) 

This scheme is a defined contribution scheme set up through Scottish Widows. All contributions paid by employees and employers are invested through Scottish Widows and members will receive direct correspondence from Scottish Widows in relation to the various stages of their membership. 

Scottish Widows will be in touch with all new starters about setting up an online account soon after joining. Members can view information about their account via the Scottish Widows Employee Hub 

The employee portal will give you information about how the Scheme works but will not include employer specific information so this page aims to give further detail on the Scheme that the University is providing. 


The default employee contribution applied for new members is 5%. The employer pays 1.5 times the employee contribution, so the employer default contribution is 7.5%. An employee can elect to pay more and the employer will continue to match by 1.5 times up to 9% (e.g. employee pays 6% and employer pays 9%). 

Depending on whether a member pays via salary sacrifice (see Pensions Extra section) or not, the deduction of the contribution and application of tax relief will differ. If a members pays via salary sacrifice, then the full employee contribution is deducted from salary and tax relief is received through the payslip. If a member isn’t paying via salary sacrifice, then 80% (so 4% deduction for default contribution of 5%) of the employee contribution is deducted from salary after tax and then Scottish Widows add a further 20% tax relief when the contribution is received. Higher rate tax payers will need to claim any further tax relief from HMRC. 

If you wish to pay more than the default contribution or opt in or out of salary sacrifice then please contact the UEA Pensions Team

Retirement Age 

The default retirement age for all new members is set at 68. Members can still elect to access their pension from age 55. The default retirement age simply sets a target retirement date for some of the investment funds. Certain funds will reduce the level of investment risk as members approach the retirement age. 

If you wish to change your retirement age, you can do this through your online account with Scottish Widows. 


A default investment strategy has been set for all new members. Initially, all contributions will go into the fund titled ‘Balanced Pension Investment Approach 3 (targeting flexible access)’. 

Further information on the options for investment choices and to change the way your pension is invested, please visit the Employee Hub. 

Life Assurance and Income Protection 

The Scheme does offer life assurance (3 times annual salary) and income protection. These have been arranged by the employer through Legal & General – further details can be found on the Key Fact documents below: 

Group Life Assurance – Key Facts 

Group Income Protection – Key Facts 

To nominate a beneficiary for the Life Assurance Plan there is form below: 

Group Life Assurance Plan – Beneficiary Nomination Form