Become a member of the Sustainability Network Become a member of the Sustainability Network

Sustainability Champions are ambassadors of environmental issues at UEA. Staff can be part of a team, or the key point of contact between the Sustainability Team and School staff, students and senior management.

Sustainability Champions work with Estates to support environmental initiatives across the campus.

With ongoing Estates support, staff become part of an active network who share knowledge and best practice. They provide a local focus for environmental and energy issues, and help encourage friends and colleagues to make small changes to everyday practices that will collectively make a difference across UEA.

Become a Sustainability Champion

We are looking to have representation from across every School and administrative department.

What will I have to do?

As a Sustainability Champion you will be supported in whatever area you’re most interested in. This could include:

  • Offering advice and support to staff and students
  • Providing feedback to Estates on energy or environmental issues
  • Running or helping to set up events for your School or team
  • Acting as an information point in your office or lab.

This role can take about 2-4 hours of time a month, but can be achieved with more or less commitment too.

Volunteers are supported by us and will also join an active network who share ideas, practices and information from across the University.

If you are interested in joining the network please contact the Sustainability team and we will be happy to discuss this with you. Email the Sustainability Team

Find your local Champion

Sustainability Champions will always be looking for more people to get involved and help out so please get in touch, ask any questions and offer a helping hand.

To find out who your Sustainability Champion is, please contact the Environmental Officer.

Green Impact

Several Sustainability Champions have used the Green Impact programme to generate action ideas and to celebrate their successes.

Find out more: Read about Green Impact Awards

Scientific community connections Scientific community connections

The SCI-Tech Environmental Focus Group and Tyndall Roundtable are examples of how Estates are working with scientific, academic, and research colleagues to widen impact.

Both groups meet regularly to act as a forum for how to connect sustainability through to their respective areas of impact.

The Tyndall Travel Tracker

Climate scientists have long been at the forefront of advocating more climate-friendly behaviour to curtail detrimental effects of climate change. International travel to collaborate on climate governance, for example, has its own huge impact.

Researchers from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research are trying to tackle this at both a UEA and a global level using a new tool, the ‘Tyndall Travel Tracker’.

Read more: Read about the Tyndall Travel Tracker

The SCI-Tech Environmental Focus Group

Scientific laboratories can have the highest energy requirement of any workspace in a university, as well as high resource demand (including water, chemicals, and equipment replacement rates). The challenge is to optimise equipment and practices to enable high quality, safe and sustainable research.

A new team, the SCI TECH Environmental Focus Group, has started to consider ways to reduce the environmental impact of their work areas. The group also fed into a new lab-focused toolkit of actions as part of the Green Impact programme, which encourages teams to ‘green’ their local working spaces.

Read more: One exciting collaborative project, run by Matthew Bennett (Chemistry/Pharmacy Teaching Lab), designed an innovative new piece of lab equipment: