Approved Mental Health Professionals have a unique position within statutory mental health settings and the Approved Mental Health Professionals course attracts high quality professionals who are committed to working with people in acute mental distress at a time of crisis.

By the end of the course candidates must be able to work autonomously and sensitively within the relevant legislative frameworks.

Successful candidates achieve a Post Graduate Certificate: Approved Mental Health Professional, and are eligible to be considered for approval as Approved Mental Health Professionals by their Local Authorities. We work closely with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils to run the Approved Mental Health Professionals programme, as only Approved Mental Health Professionals can only work in this specialist role if approved by a Local Authority.

As a student on this course you will undertake an initial preparatory module (SWK 7011A) Policy, Practice and Evidence in Mental Health, which is part time and starts in September;  you will then move into the full time element of the course which runs from February to May. Students find the course challenging, rewarding and very supportive and value the quality of the teaching and learning involved, including from experts by experience. Students also have high regard for the opportunity to take time out of their normal professional roles to develop their understanding of the role and to think and reflect on the experience of those assessed under the Mental Health Act 1983.

How to apply