Our Leminar Series is a programme of additional academic support sessions (Leminars), and forms part of the PsychX cluster of extra-curricular activities. We launched the Leminar Series in 2011, as its own peer-assisted learning scheme, based on an idea that was developed by our Staff-Student Liaison Committee.

Student led, informal sessions designed to help, support, and enthuse our students. As per the name, the style is a mixture between a lecture and a seminar format.

Students in the year above typically lead sessions for those in the year below so that they can share experiences from the previous year, passing down tips and advice that they picked up along the way. These students work alongside an Postgraduate Research student who coordinates the administrative aspects of the Leminar Series, and who is also a recent graduate from the Bachelor in Psychology degree with us.

You can request any academic topics that they would like some advice on, and the series tries to offer sessions on as many of these as possible. Students can also suggest a session if they have advice to share on a topic which they think may be valuable to others.

Absolutely. Everyone is welcome to get involved in any way that they like. This could be a regular involvement, or a one off contribution, and some students opt to just help ‘behind-the-scenes’ with the planning and organisation of sessions. All experience looks good on a CV.