We have research strengths across a range of areas including language and cognitive processes; vision and action; developmental science; computational modelling; cognitive and affective neuroscience; social psychology and intergroup processes. More information about staff research interests and indicative publications can be found below.

World-leading research, with an interdisciplinary focus

We organise research into three main groupings – the Cognition Action Perception group, the Developmental Science group, and the Social Cognition group. These groups meet regularly to discuss, present and plan research. In practice, Faculty often participate in more than one research group, consonant with the view that the future of psychological science lies in bridging between disciplines to yield deep understanding of the processes that underlie and organise human behaviour.

Our Psychologists also collaborate with a range of research centres and Schools across UEA, both within and between faculties. There is strong collaboration with psychologists in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in the Clinical Psychology Group.


All our research adheres to the policies of our research ethics committee. If you wish to get in touch with our ethics committee please send an email to