Your Careers and Alumni

Why are our graduates employable?

We aim to equip our students with the skills and experience to compete effectively in the job market. We are here to support you to really differentiate yourself and impress potential employers. In the twenty-first century employers need acute and critical thinkers, who are resourceful, creative and innovative, and have a global mind-set. Our degree programmes will help your development of these skills and support you in exploring your options.

Your time at UEA will give you the opportunity to take part in our extensive careers programme.

You will be able to take advantage of our Future Leaders programme, our annual alumni career events, and other tailored career talks which are an excellent way to network, make contacts, and discover routes into your preferred career. We organise study and employability trips to locations such as Geneva and Brussels, as well as internship and work experience opportunities. Throughout your degree you will also have access to professional career support, through UEA’s CareerCentral.



Studying Philosophy requires an acute and critical mind, and your UEA degree will see you graduate with a powerful combination of intellectual agility and highly developed communication skills. Philosophy students are renowned for being agile and critical thinkers, valuable assets for employers in this increasingly complex world. 

Philosophy graduates make natural team leaders, and previous graduates have gone on to great success across a wide range of industries including business, broadcasting, the Civil Service, teaching, journalism, social work, tourism, financial services, computer programming, advertising and law.


Language and Communication Studies

Demand for foreign language skills and intercultural communication expertise is constantly increasing. Study with us and will be able to develop real-world knowledge and transferable skills alongside high-level competency and expertise in modern language reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Studying language and intercultural communication opens-up the world. In an increasingly globalised economy, employers really value the international mind-set, highly developed communication skills, and intercultural awareness of our language graduates. While many graduates pursue a career in interpreting or translation, our graduates go into an extremely wide variety of professions including journalism, publishing, marketing, banking, teaching, tourism, translating, politics, policing, social care, interpreting, diplomacy, and business.


Political, Social and International Studies

In a rapidly changing world our Politics, International Relations and Media and Culture students demonstrate the critical analysis, creativity, and global understanding that employers need. You will acquire grounding in different theories that can be practically applied in real-life situations, and our courses will help to develop your communication and leadership skills in a variety of ways.

An understanding of politics and society is valuable to employers beyond those working directly in politics. A significant number of our graduates enter local and national government, international organisations and policy or campaigning bodies. Public affairs, political analysis, the media and policymaking are also popular areas of work. Many other graduates go into areas such as business, public relations, finance, the law and health and social care.