Working with others, members of Pharmacy’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee bring suggestions to our regular meetings and support the implementation of plans and activities. We discuss matters relating to gender, race, religion and disability within the School.
If you have an interest in our inclusivity ideas, we would love to hear from you and your ideas could help to make a difference. Please contact our Chair.

Chair - Maria O’Connell and Dr Rosemary Norton

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Officer - Mr Matthew Gooch

ATS Lecturer/Outreach - Dr Rosemary Norton

Disability Liaison officer rep - Dr Aram Saeed

Employability - Dr Sheng Qi

ATS Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice - Dr James Desborough

Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Ms Helen Murdoch

ATR Professor in Drug Delivery - Professor Yaroslav Khimyak

Post doc rep - Dr Andrew Beekman

School Manager/Local support rep - Mrs Kate Russen

HR representative - Mrs Amy Meyer, Mrs Rachel Rogers

Teacher Practitioner liaison - Miss Emma Smith

Senior lecturer - ATR - Dr Julie Sanderson

Project Coordinator - Athena Swan and E&D - Dr Siobhán Dorai-Raj

ATR Lecturer/Senior Advisor - Dr Laszlo Fabian

Technical support rep - Mrs Laura Spawls

PGR representative - Teclino Afewerki

Year 3 Undergraduate student - Vacant

Secretary - Miss Georgina Breeze


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