Our research aims to improve the quality of care for people with pain, injury or disease of the musculoskeletal system.

We address uncertainties about how best to assess and manage musculoskeletal conditions in a range of settings. This includes: 

  • The design and conduct of clinical studies aimed to identify the most effective treatments for recovery after musculoskeletal injuries or disease, for   example recovery after hip or knee replacement and hip fractures, or hand therapy after hand injury and surgery
  • Prognostic studies to identify predictive factors for treatment response in musculoskeletal disorders, for example shoulder pain 
  • Development and evaluation of patient-centred measures and core outcome sets
  • Studies of how musculoskeletal pain and disability affects vulnerable people living in low income settings.  

 We work in partnership with patients, the public, clinical colleagues and methodological experts from across the world to develop world-leading research that improves health outcomes for patients with musculoskeletal conditions.   

For more information contact Christina Jerosch-Herold