As a research group, our priorities are:  

Predictors and consequences of communicative and cognitive difficulties

Secondary analysis of large datasets exploring the factors associated with communicative and cognitive difficulties, with the aim of informing national and international policy and practice in areas such as developmental speech and language disorders and child abuse and neglect. 

Participation, inclusion, wellbeing and societal integration

Contributing to the evidence-base of community-based inclusive development focusing on children with developmental disabilities and their caregivers in low-income settings; the inclusion of adults with capacity and/or communication difficulties in ethically-sound research; and approaches to enhancing wellbeing for people with aphasia.  

Targeted interventions for communication 

Approaches focusing on functional communication, including conversation and narrative skills and associated psychosocial issues for individuals across the lifespan including people living with post-stroke aphasia, dysfluency, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and autistic spectrum disorders.  


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