The School of Health Sciences is now a registered End Point Assessment Organisation for the following apprenticeship standards: 

•    Registered Nurse Degree (NMC 2010) – ST0293
•    Registered Nurse Degree (NMC 2018) – ST0781 
•    Nurse Associate (NMC 2018) – ST0827 
•    Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Degree) – ST0564 
•    Occupational Therapist (Integrated Degree) – ST0517 
•    Midwife Degree – ST0794


The School of Health Sciences has a number of academics who have undergone training to be approved End Point Assessors for the above standards.  Assessors are suitably qualified and hold a professional registration with either the Nursing and Midwifery Council or Health and Care Professions Council.  We are able to undertake End Point Assessments at UEA or at a suitable venue provided free of charge by the apprentices base university, training provider or employer.  

The School of Health Sciences is now an approved End Point Assessment Organisations for the Midwife degree apprenticeship. The team, led by Julia Hubbard & Jayne Needham, put together a strong submission and successfully entered the register in June 2020. The UEA is the only organisation currently registered to assess this apprenticeship standard so it is a great achievement. The team will now be working with the End Point Assessment responsible officer and administration team to design resources and scenarios for the assessments. 

We have a dedicated administrative team to deal with your enquiries, as well as support and organise the End Point Assessments.  As part of our service we provide all necessary guidance and paperwork for the apprentice, employer and training provider.  Apprentices are also given access to our Virtual Learning Environment which hosts a range of resources to prepare them for the assessment.  We have also produced a fact sheet for apprentices which summarises the process, as well as one for employers and training providers to prepare the apprentices for the End Point Assessment.  The University will also provide support to the academic assessor and practice assessor to prepare them when required.  

On successful completion of the End Point Assessment we request apprenticeship certificates and post these to the training provider for distribution.   

Please contact our dedicated End Point Assessment team at or 01603 597629 to discuss your requirements further.