Participants must feel immersed in a clinical simulation if it is to be real enough to enhance their learning.

The effectiveness of immersive simulation depends on factors such as the way the scenario is written, how the team is briefed and debriefed, and the equipment and surroundings used. This is why we have invested in a state-of-the-art immersive classroom for clinical simulation.

Located in the Edith Cavell Building (ECB), the immersive classroom uses the latest 360-degree video recording technology and an integrated surround-sound system to transform a conventional teaching room into practically any clinical setting. Whether you want your simulation to be a moving ambulance, a busy accident and emergency department or a home-birth setting, the immersive classroom can cater for your needs. 

Three high-definition laser projectors display a pre-recorded interactive landscape video across touch-sensitive walls in three directions. These allow participants to gain more information by interacting with parts of the scenario and to progress the scenario. 

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