Here at the University of East Anglia we are passionate about Assistive Technology (AT) so we decided to build a domestic bungalow dedicated to AT. 

NEAThome is fully furnished and feels just like a domestic bungalow. It is fitted with the latest and best in AT equipment ranging from high tech electronics through to simple low tech devices. 

NEAThome is easily accessible for wheelchair users with a car park next to the entrance and easy access to the building. 

Our NEAThome is unique – linking together academia, healthcare and care home professionals, AT manufacturers and suppliers and of course most importantly the end users. 

Our aim is to raise awareness of AT, increase its use and ensure that new products and developments truly meet the needs of the ever-growing AT market. 

The bungalow is fully equipped throughout with state-of-the-art high definition video cameras and microphones in every room, as well as in the adjacent NEATstudio. Each camera can pan and tilt 360 degrees and zoom in and out as required, and of course each camera can be controlled individually and remotely via the local network.


NEAT touchpad


NEAThome is equipped with the Mediasite video system allowing users to record or stream their activities from every room to anywhere in the world. Using Mediasite, the content that you record or stream can be optimised to suit any platform from PCs to tablets to smartphones. Each camera can be streamed individually or simultaneously, allowing you complete control over your content.  

Whether you are delivering teaching or training, holding customer focus groups or observing how end users interact with AT equipment, NEAThome is instantly accessible from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. 

Combined with our extensive expertise here at UEA, NEAThome aims to support the continued development and delivery of Assistive Technology and make it accessible to everyone.


NEAT entrance

What can NEAT be used for? 

NEAThome is equipped with a wide range of the latest Assistive Technology equipment making it an ideal training venue for the healthcare and care home workforce. 

The adjoining state of the art NEATstudio allows students to watch and interact with sessions being held in the bungalow.  All sessions delivered in NEAThome and NEATstudio can also be streamed live anywhere in the world or recorded for future use.


NEAT suite

Meetings and Events 

With ample parking and two bright and newly refurbished dedicated classrooms/meetings rooms, NEAT is an ideal venue for your meetings and showcase events for your products and services. Your colleagues and customers can watch and participate from anywhere in the world thanks to our interactive AV systems, making NEAThome truly accessible to anyone, wherever they are. The venue is available anytime - day or night - allowing for evening or weekend hire too.


Room at NEAT

Developing a new product?

Talk to us to see how we can help. We have a wide range of expertise at UEA and are keen to build new relationships with AT manufacturers and suppliers. 

How often do you get the opportunity to see your customers actually using your products? Better still, because of our AV network systems, you can watch, and interact with your customers in NEAThome without even having to leave your office. 

You could use the NEAThome to shoot a promotional video for your products or services allowing customers to see how the product looks once it has been installed or fitted in a 'real life' environment, helping them to visualise how it will look in their home. 


Interested in hiring out NEAT Centre? 

Email Tony Jermy