The Sustainable Energy group focus on developing high-performance, affordable and durable energy storage device/system to integrate with solar cells as a reliable source of energy.

Oscar focuses on designing 3D thick-electrode architectures with high mass loading (>10 mg cm-2), translating research materials to commercial use and facilitating rapid electron and ion transport properties, to deliver high-rate, high energy and high power densities energy storage.

Eleni focuses on photovoltaic (PV) dynamic performance (including the prediction and modelling of solar radiation), PV temperature prediction under various conditions and PV long-term performance and durability. PV can be in the form of crystalline silicon, thin film, multi-junction solar cells, DSSC, perovskite and QDSC. She also focuses on monitoring and predictive management of BIPV configurations in Intelligent Energy Buildings, the development of microcontroller-based online monitoring system for PV installations, and TiO2 based nanocoatings with self-cleaning and antireflective properties on PV modules for yield enhancement.

Matt, Oscar, Eleni, Dianzi and Sonia have been working to fabricate some flexible hybrid perovskite solar cells-activated energy storage devices for portable electronics by high-resolution ink-jet printing technology.