The UEA UNESCO Chair review group – consisting of experts in the field of adult literacy, learning and development - contribute valuable insights into our programme and vision for the future.

Following the Chair launch event and review group meeting at UEA in 2017,  our partner institutions have hosted  the annual meeting alongside a UNESCO Chair Literacy Day and an international conference. In 2018, Professor Mahesh Parajuli (Nepal coordinator) chaired the annual meeting at Kathmandu University. Professor Camilla Vizconde (Philippines coordinator)  hosted the third annual meeting at the University of Santo Tomas. This brought together partners from across the three continents – virtually and in person – for a stimulating discussion and presentations on how to develop the programme in the second phase.

UEA UNESCO Chair progress reports - 





The review group consists of:

  • Mr. James Bridge, Chief Executive, 
  • Ms. Andrea Mayne, Head of Finance and Accreditation, 
  • Professor Anne Anderson, Chair and Non-Executive Director for Higher Education, 
  • UK National Commission for UNESCO 
  • Mr Hervé Huot-Marchand, Chief, Section of Youth, Literacy and Skills Development 
  • Ms. Mari Yasunaga, Programme Specialist in Education
  • UNESCO, Paris 
  • Dr. Rakhat Zholdoshalieva, Team Leader, Policy Support and Capacity Development in Lifelong Learning
  • Ms. Chung Dolma and Ms. Sofia Chatzigianni, Assistant Programme Specialist 
  • UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), Hamburg  
  • Professor Mahesh Parajuli, Nepal UEA UNESCO Chair coordinator, and Dr. Suresh Gautam
  • Kathmandu University, Nepal
  • Professor Sushan Acharya and Dr. Kamal Devkota, Tribhuvan University CERID, Nepal
  • Ms. Turuwark Zalalam Warkineh, Ethiopia UEA UNESCO Chair coordinator, and Mr. Abiy Menkir Gizaw, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia
  • Professor Camilla Vizconde, the Philippines UEA UNESCO Chair coordinator, 
  • Professor Belinda De Castro and Dr. Gina Lontoc, University of Santo Tomas, the Philippines
  • Dr. Eslam Mohammed Al-Saieed, Egypt UEA UNESCO Chair coordinator, and Dr. Nahla Gamal,
  • Ain Shams University, Egypt
  • Dr. Symon Chiziwa Malawi UEA UNESCO Chair Coordinator, Dr. Ahmmardouh Mjaya, Dr. Jean Chavula, Mr. Alick Bwanali, University of Malawi, Malawi
  • Representative from Norwich Integration Partnership 
  • Professor Mary Hamilton, University of Lancaster 
  • Professor Simon McGrath, University of Glasgow 
  • Dr. Malini Ghose, formerly Nirantar, India 
  • Dr. Cathy Kell, Associate Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Professor Anna Robinson-Pant (Chairholder), 
  • Dr. Sheila Aikman, Dr. Catherine Jere, Dr. Esther Priyadharshini, Professor Nitya Rao, Professor Yann Lebeau, Dr. Harry Dyer, Dr. Spyros Themelis.
  • UEA UNESCO Chair team (faculty members from School of Education and Lifelong Learning and School of International Development).
  • Research Associates with UEA UNESCO Chair projects, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow and UNESCO Chair PhD Scholar.