The role of the Professional Tutor is central to the overall quality of training and mentoring provision across our partnership. Within the context of individual schools, the Professional Tutors can influence the experiences of trainee teachers and the progress they make in successfully meeting the Teachers’ Standards. 


I had a really wonderful Professional Tutor who met with us weekly, or organised someone else to meet with us weekly. He quickly got us settled in, and made sure to always ask us what we wanted to focus upon in Professional Development sessions, and how they could help us specifically. We covered many useful topics, and I felt like each session was a good use of time. - UEA Trainee


Initial Teacher Training participation 

  • Communicate the expectations of the partnership and the entitlement of trainees to a supported learning programme to mentors and teacher working with trainees 
  • Ensure that all mentors and teachers working with trainees understand their legal responsibilities 
  • Update colleagues on changes in training process and pass on any relevant materials from the university partners in the scheme 
  • Attend Professional Tutor Meeting, respond to UEA communication and be informed 
  • Monitoring the placement budget allocation and control the effective use of resources supporting mentors and trainees 


Mentor Development 

  • Identify departmental participation in teacher training 
  • Define requirements to select effective mentors in all subject areas 
  • Ensure subject mentors are familiar with the Mentor Handbook and PGCE Course structure and calendar. 
  • Communicate relevant information to subject mentors about meetings, events and deadlines 
  • Develop and improve the quality of mentoring through discussion of mentor standards, audit and self -evaluation and CPD 
  • Monitor the effectiveness of mentoring, feedback, target setting and assessment in subject areas 
  • Liaise with Head of Department to discuss trainee involvement in departmental meetings and training activities 
  • Organise joint observation of trainees with mentors and other teachers when needed 
  • Evaluate the quality of mentoring provision and training experience providing feedback to departments and subject mentors 

Trainee Professional Development  

  • Organise the Induction of trainees to the school 
  • Produce and monitor the school’s Professional Development Programme 
  • Organise the SEND Day training experience 
  • Monitor trainee progress and monitor trainee assessment in line with the Teachers' Standards 
  • Monitor trainee progress in using ICT stills 
  • Agree suitable topics for the Reflective Project in Education (Placement B only) and facilitate access to data 
  • Inform UEA of any trainees whose progress requires improvement 
  • Ensure necessary documentation is completed 


My Professional Tutor took a real interest in how I was doing and we met regularly to discuss my progress and interests; she was offering various CPD opportunities and referring back to Professional Development sessions. - UEA Trainee