Art History

Housed in Norman Foster's world-famous Sainsbury Centre, Art History and World Art Studies offers a unique and exceptional working environment for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Our students work in unrivalled proximity to renowned works by artists such as Francis Bacon, Sonia Delaunay, Pablo Picasso, Lygia Clark, and Henry Moore, as well as major artworks and artefacts from across the globe: Llama effigies from the Incas of South America, Fang heads from Central Africa, or a thirteenth-century Japanese Buddha, for example.

We are particularly noted for both our dynamic, interdisciplinary approach to art across cultures, and for our expertise in heritage and museum studies. Our work encompasses key aspects of European and American art together with close engagements with modern art in India, the archaeology of North Africa, or sculpture from the Pacific Islands, for example.

Our staff, students and researchers are interested in the history of art, as well as archaeology, anthropology, cultural heritage, and museum studies. We pride ourselves on our close scholarly community and upon the unique opportunities that the department can offer.


Our Staff