An advocate of active learning An advocate of active learning

Simon LancasterSimon Lancaster is a professor and Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Chemistry.

A vocal advocate of active learning in the lecture theatre, his contributions have been recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Higher Education Award (2013) and a HEA National Teaching Fellowship (2013). He is president-elect of the Education Division of the RSC and Communications Officer for the Association of National Teaching Fellows.

A regular keynote speaker at both national and international learning and teaching events he believes in practising what he preaches and employs audience response approaches from Turning Technologies, for which he is a Distinguished Educator. Simon is UEA’s Pedagogical Innovation Ambassador and helps colleagues and students to realise the affordances of evidence-based practice to transform the learning and teaching experience.

Current projects include: student partnering in the design of peer instruction; tracking camera platforms for panoramic teaching capture; facile authoring of personalised concept maps.


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