A keen advocate of inclusive practice A keen advocate of inclusive practice

Rebecca WestrupRebecca Westrup is a Lecturer in Education within the School of Education and Lifelong Learning.

Underpinned by Psychology and Sociology, Rebecca’s teaching and research interests focus on pupil and student voice within compulsory and higher education (HE) and promoting inclusion, active participation and engagement. Being a keen advocate of inclusive practice where students are active participants, Rebecca has developed assessment and feedback initiatives for enhancing students’ participation and learning in the process.

In 2015 Rebecca received an Excellence in Teaching Award for the project entitled ‘Dialogue+’ and she became a UEA University Teaching Fellow. Dialogue+ has been implemented in modules at the university, and Rebecca has talked about this method which uses dialogue and peer mentoring to support students’ assessment literacy and active engagement with feedback/forward processes at national and international conferences, as well as providing regular Continuing Professional Development for colleagues at UEA through CSED courses.

Recognising the importance of assessment and feedback discussions, Rebecca has also been an organising member of the International Assessment in HE Conference and Seminar series since 2013.

Dedicated to enhancing students’ active engagement with their learning, Rebecca is also invited to sixth form centres and colleges to support students who are undertaking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) prior to transition into university. Extending her work with the WriteNow CETL from 2009-2010 Rebecca has developed, co-ordinated and delivered a series of workshops and peer mentoring sessions to support EPQ students to develop their research skills, academic writing and assessment literacy. She also provides Continuing Professional Development for teachers who are supervising students undertaking the EPQ.

Current teaching projects include synthesising storytelling and research to support students’ understanding of threshold concepts and supporting students to understand and develop emotional resilience in their work and educational settings. 


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