International reputation as a student-centric, gifted educator International reputation as a student-centric, gifted educator

Laura BowaterLaura Bowater has recently been appointed as a Professor of Microbiology Education and Engagement at the Norwich Medical School.

Laura has an international reputation as a student-centric, gifted educator who delivers exemplary teaching especially in the area of microbiology and science communication.

Laura’s teaching embeds the latest research in her science discipline, and draws on the latest technological advances and pedagogy.  A real strength to her teaching is her commitment to involving students as co-creators in education curriculum and development.

Laura is also renowned for her sense of equity and social fairness and this underpins her role as co-director for the medicine with a foundation year course. She holds strong principles regarding the benefits of widening participation and opportunity, and balances this with the demands of a challenging MBBS programme and the requirements of future doctors.

A regular keynote speaker at both national and international learning and teaching events, in 2013 Laura successfully applied for Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and in 2014 she was awarded an Excellence in Teaching prize for this work. In 2015 became a UEA Teaching Fellow.


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