The Epidemiology and Public Health group (EPH) consists of experienced academics from a variety of background disciplines.

Epidemiological, statistical and clinical trials skills are well represented alongside qualitative methods, medical sociology and evidence synthesis. The group conducts research into a broad area of public and population health problems, with aims to identify risk factors, understand contexts and evaluate potential interventions. Areas of interest are notably related to lifestyles and environment and related to an ageing population.

Our key areas of research are:

  • Environmental epidemiology: emergence and spread of infectious disease linked to the environment; environmental factors linked to lifestyle; nutritional epidemiology
  • Lifestyle interventions: dietary and physical activity; substance dependency and addiction, particularly tobacco control and smoking cessation
  • Disability and development
  • Health Inequalities
  • Nutrition and public health; dietary effects on musculoskeletal health and ageing
  • Evidence synthesis; methods for meta-analyses and systematic reviews.