Research degrees at Norwich Business School

We offer students different pathways to a doctorate. Those yet to develop sufficient disciplinary and research techniques are encouraged to take the Master of Research (MRes) degree; those who have previous training will be able to register for a PhD immediately, subject to meeting our entry requirements. 

Postgraduate research students are normally assigned two or three supervisors in their chosen research area. They will work closely with their supervisors and receive feedback on their research ideas, design, analysis, and findings on a regular basis. The thesis will be an independent piece of work reflecting the student's abilities and ideas. 

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The research degrees offered by Norwich Business School are: 

 PhD in Business and Management 

The PhD programme usually lasts for a period of three years (or six years part-time), with the first year considered as a probationary period. Probation must be confirmed within the first nine months of full-time study by a school review panel. The first year is the design phase, during which time students work closely with their supervisors to design the study, write up the literature review, if necessary recruit research subjects, and begin data collection. Data collection is finalised and analyses begin in the second year and in the final year, students write up their theses. Throughout the entire period of study, students are supported by their supervisory team. You can find the information on potential supervisors from the Academic, Teaching and Research Staff page . For more information, please visit the  Faculty of Social Sciences Graduate School and UEA's Postgraduate Research pages

For further information please contact our Postgraduate Research Director Dr Pinar Guven Uslu at

  MRes Social Science Research Methods 

The MRes Social Science Research Methods is a taught programme designed either for those planning to proceed to the PhD programme, or for those wishing to improve their research skills for application in business. 

To discuss the opportunitries for the MRes, please contact Zografia Bika at

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