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Nick RaynsThis is an attempt to list all the events that the Students Union organised over the last 50 plus years. I was inspired to research and compile the list following the sudden loss of Nick Rayns in April 2013 (pictured right). Nick was my friend and colleague for 34 years and, in my opinion, headed the finest gig programme of any Student Union in the country.

Gavin Hudson

I'm aware that the list below doesn't include the hundreds of charity events, Thursday LCRs, Club Retros, Tuesday fancy dress nights, Beat Pharmacy, Skool Daze, Brighton Rocks, Now 90s, the Other Ones, poetry readings, band competitions, dance Shows and plays. But hopefully some of your highlights and memories are here. To the best of my knowledge everything is correct, but I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has further information.

Contact: Gavin Hudson ( Union House, UEA

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1983 Playlist

Special gathering of tracks from 1983 setlists by bands who played LCR that year

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The Waterfront Gig List 1993 - NOW The Waterfront Gig List 1993 - NOW

2018 marks 25 years of gigs at the Waterfront in King St Norwich

"This has taken over many months to compile, it is as complete as I can make it at the moment, but if you feel there are any bands, djs, events missing or inaccurately recorded please let me know, so I can investigate."

Gavin Hudson:






2015 to NOW



Pick of the Gigs Pick of the Gigs

Our favourite UEA gigs - as chosen by the Outline reviewers

Heavy metal, electronic, gentle, surprising - we asked the gig reviewers from the Norwich listings magazine Outline to tell us about their favourite gigs from across the years at the UEA LCR and Waterfront (WF) venues. Results below, in no particular order...

Dread Zeppelin at the UEA LCR. Full of memories.Nick Hobbs

The Hives at the LCR, Arthur Lee and LOVE at the Waterfront. Stuart Preston

Faithless at the LCR, Ride at the WF. Lizz Page 

Crowded House Surprise WF gig on the Woodface tour November the 8th 1991. I managed to get a couple of tickets, i drove into Norwich from my then home and got them when i heard about it. I think the gig was the same night. They were just hitting the big time, it was an amazing gig. LCR fave gig would be Talk Talk in 1987, it was simply amazing a band at their peak. Extremely memorable like it was last night. Steve Plunkett 

Royal Blood Their first major tour in 2015 at the LCR. I hadnt been to many gigs then and as a bassist I was super excited to go see a band that had a bassist at the front and center. Had seen them on Jools Holland prior to this and I was hugely excited about the gig. Callum Gray

Black Emperor at the LCR. Absolutely incredible gig. Bill Vine

 VNV Nation at the Waterfront.Lauren Lenore

Wolf Alice at the LCR 2016. Erin Bashford 

Delgados Waterfront, 15 May 2003 (I think). Only time I got to see them and they were bloody amazing. Paul Jenkins 
(Honourable mentions for The Faint absolutely destroying Placebo at the LCR, Soft Cell on the "Cruelty Without Beauty" tour at the LCR and Mogwai at the Waterfront.)

Jamie T LCR 2014. Maddie Russell 

Golden Earring LCR, May 18th 1973. Radar Love was a huge hit after having been played on Radio North Sea International for months. The drummer had a habit of using the wrong end of his sticks, and would take huge chunks out of them before lobbing them into the audience. I still have one to this day. David Auckland 

This is so hard. Neil Marsham

Deftones Supported by Coheed and Cambria in 2010.Jay Freeman  

The Dillinger Escape Plan January 2017 @WF - broke every single rule in music

and left me feeling lost and stunned. What is music? How does one write songs? What's the point in listening to conventional music ever again? Saw a band performing at the very top of their game and I'll probably never get to see them again.Christopher Hambling

Peace w/ Drenge at the Waterfront in 2013. The skinny-ness of Harrison's legs changed me. And they covered Wham. It was the best thing I'd ever seen.Alex Cabré 

Halestorm, In This Moment and Sacred Mother Tongue at the Waterfront in 2013. My daughter got to meet Lzzy Hale and I got a chance to chat with Andy James. What an amazing gig too!!!! Jon Seymour 

I'm going to go with Skrillex, 2012 at the LCR, Anon

Adam Ant The come back tour, LCR 2012, even wore the white stripe. Jonathon Woods 

See the UEA Gig History Spotify Playlist we’ve created - inspired by the above.

See the Outline Website for regular, up-to-date reviews from UEA and Waterfront gigs 

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Buzzcocks Booth Buzzcocks Booth

The Buzzcocks played the Waterfront six times from '93 to their 40th anniversary gig in 2016. The band also played Nick Rayn's LCR three times, including May 2018. UEA Gig History was so sad to hear about Peter Shelley's death. Here's a few tickets from the Waterfront events, in honour of one of the best.. 

Top Eleven Top Eleven

Loudest gigs as nominated by followers of @UEAgighistory


Killing Joke 1985

@timcaynes “without a doubt, loudest by miles”

@typejunky “it made the EDP. I can still hear it deep down in my tinnitus”

Jesus and Mary Chain 2015

@kaoru_blossom “I ended up putting tissue in my ears”

Leftfield 1996 (also played 2016)

@nutts2020 “So loud my larynx was shaking”

@mr_stew “made me feel sick – I even moved to the back of the hall”

My Bloody Valentine 1991

@typejunky “Pretty startling”

Motorhead in 1981 (also played ’87,’89,’98,’03,’04,’05,’06 and ’08)

Friend of @fandang “someone’s ears bled”

The Climax Blues Band 1979 and 1982

@PrieneV “but maybe I was young and not used to gigs”

The Mission 1988

@Gary_gowers “Electric gig. Hussy supped Blue Nun throughout – my ears never fully recovered.”

Iron Maiden 1981

@benbrooktrevor “ears ringing as head hit the pillow”

The Fall – Waterfront 2005

@mpadmoreUEA “I felt the vibrations in my sternum”

Sikth – Waterfront 2006

@UEAEvents “the wall of death was particularly loud”

The Cramps 1981 (also played 1986)

@gavinhudson8 “so loud the stage fell apart”

@UEAGigHistory @UEAGigHistory