Thu, 28 Jan 2010

The University of East Anglia has released the following statement from the Vice-Chancellor Professor Edward Acton.

"The University learnt yesterday that the Information Commissioner's Office (the ICO) had made a statement to the media regarding the University's handling of requests under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).  We have not received any further information from the ICO although we are urgently trying to contact them.  The ICO's opinion that we had breached the terms of Section 77 is a source of grave concern to the University as we would always seek to comply with the terms of the Act.  During this case we have sought the advice of the ICO and responded fully to any requests for information".


"Sir Muir Russell is currently conducting an Independent Review of the issues surrounding what has become known as ‘Climategate' and we very deliberately made our handling of FOI requests part of the terms of reference.  I look forward to receiving his report and as I have said before it will be published and I will act accordingly if he finds there is indeed substance in these allegations."