Based in the Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities, our Publishing Project has been set up as an innovative and experimental university press.

Currently the Project has three main imprints: Boiler House Press, Strangers Press and Egg Box Publishing.​

Egg Box Publishing  is run in partnership with our students through Egg Box, an associated National Union of Students Student Society. It works with students and pupils to widen participation in literature and open up the publishing industry, as well as enriching the extra-curricular options available to those who study here.​

Strangers Press  is dedicated to publishing the finest literature in translation in innovative formats in collaboration with the British Centre for Literary Translation and National Centre for Writing. It takes its name from The Strangers of the 16th century: a group of economic migrants from the Spanish Netherlands invited to help boost the nation’s textile industry and who left a lasting cultural impression on the region.​

Boiler House Press  works closely with the school for Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, home of the world-renowned Master of Arts in Creative Writing and conducts experiments in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and everything in-between. We pride ourselves on our distinctive design approach and are interested in writing that breaks a mould.​