Sustainable startup receives generous support from UEA Enterprise Fund


    A visionary eco-friendly startup was awarded a £7,500 'Grow It' grant earlier this year, thanks to the generous support of donors contributing to the UEA Enterprise Fund.

    A photograph of Tu-Linh Nguyen with her business partner Liliane Nguyen holding up packets of their Hút eco-friendly rice paper straws.
    (L-R) Tu-Linh Nguyen with her business partner Liliane Nguyen.


    Founded by UEA alumni Tu-Linh Nguyen and Liliane Nguyen, Hút is on a mission to revolutionise the way the world views drinking straws, placing sustainability at the very core of its business.

    Tu-Linh sees a brighter, greener future for the food and beverage industry, and she hopes that her eco-friendly product will one day become the most popular biodegradable drinking straw in the UK.

    Traditional eco-friendly straws often fall short, with customers complaining of sogginess. Hút has set out to change that, and the team have spent the last 10 months transforming their innovative business concept into a reality, experimenting with ways to produce a superior straw quality whilst keeping environmental responsibility as their top priority. 

    Hút rice straws are made from entirely natural and major allergen free biodegradable materials, and can be safely disposed of in home compost and general waste bins, making them an ideal choice for large-scale events and occasions that require disposable products.

    The funding award will go towards essential business operations, including enhancing product exposure, efficient warehousing, and streamlining shipping logistics.

    Tu-Linh thanked the donors who contributed to the UEA Enterprise Fund:

    “We're immensely grateful for the 'Grow It' grant, which not only provides us with essential financial support but also enables us to introduce our sustainable product to industry leaders. This grant is a catalyst for innovation, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to the donors who make it possible.”

    With a commitment to continued growth and development, the Hút team hope to continue to experiment with innovative materials, with an aim to introduce a growing range of sustainable products.

    The Enterprise Fund Team, backed by dedicated philanthropists, empowers aspiring entrepreneurs by providing financial support, mentorship, and vital connections to industry experts, facilitating growth and success for emerging businesses.

    For more information about the UEA Enterprise Fund and how you can support ground-breaking initiatives like Hút, please visit our website.

    If you would like to connect with Tu-Linh and Hút, please visit their website.