Live-cell imaging: a practical workshop

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the ninth Physiological Society "Live-cell imaging" workshop has now been cancelled. Hopefully, the workshop will be reinstated in 2021.

The workshop is normally led by the Facility Manager with tuition also provided by representatives of Carl Zeiss UK and LaVision BioTec. The third day of the workshop is devoted to image analysis, and includes presentations by the Facility Manager and Dr. Timothy Grocott (UEA).

The course is designed to provide theoretical and practical guidance on imaging live cells and tissues. The workshop is aimed at beginners, and concentrates on fluorescence microscopy. The programme involves a lecture on theory, hands-on experience of both short- and long-term observations using widefield, confocal and multi-photon microscopy (the latter including TCSPC-FLIM), and a day of presentations on image analysis. In order to provide personal tuition and practical experience, enrolment is limited to 12 trainees (organized into 3 groups).


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Previous workshops have been a great success (see feedback below).

"The course was excellent. There was great planning and both the theoretical and practical parts were very well done."

"Exposure to a range of applications was exciting and useful with regards to possibilities within my work..."

"I wanted to thank you for the workshop. I have had a lot of fun and have already applied many of the things we learnt. I would definitely recommend your workshop...!"

"I think this was a really good workshop... the people were extremely helpful...!"

"...excellent - enjoyable and interesting."

"...I found it extremely useful and well run, I would recommend it to anyone."

"...thank you for the wonderful Imaging Course...all of us as participants will always have it as a reference point as we begin our ‘voyage of discovery' in the world of biomedical imaging."

"An excellent course, well prepared and delivered. Fantastic team of enthusiastic people."

"I really enjoyed this course and I learnt an awful lot! ...I hope this course continues to run in the future as it was very worthwhile."

"...the course far exceeded my expectations... All of the contributors to this course were fantastic:  approachable, good communicators and knowledgeable. One of the best courses I have ever attended. Thank you!"

"Many thanks for putting on such an excellent course, it was incredibly useful and a brilliant introduction to imaging."