At the heart of the Faculty of Medicine and Health ‘Citizens Academy’ is our shared desire to ultimately improve health education and research, by involving and engaging with members of the public and patients in everything we do.

Our core values are:

  1. Equality - valuing all contributions to involvement from differing perspectives

  2. Inclusion – Going ‘the extra mile’ to ensure that those involved in the Citizens Academy represent the wider population, including minority groups

  3. Integrity – working transparently to ensure involvement is a reciprocal relationship

  4. Diligence – making every effort to offer involvement opportunities those who may find it difficult to engage or require reasonable adjustments

  5. Perseverance – in championing public and patient involvement in all aspects of our work

The purpose of the Citizens Academy is to: 

  • Support involvement across course recruitment procedures, planning and delivering teaching and assessment

  • Support involvement in research including prioritizing, designing, delivering, managing and disseminating research. 

Our objectives are to: 

  • Lead the way in best practice for patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) as a distinctive, unique and highly collaborative endeavor

  • Develop reciprocal relationships that include training and mentorship of patients and the public in order to best support and maximise opportunities to contribute

  • Work collaboratively with existing structures for PPIE across the faculty, but also beyond, by collaborating and supporting the work of PPIE within trusts, voluntary organisations and charities that we regularly partner with

  • Provide a central ‘hub’ to bring together PPIE activities including recruitment of members, training resources, mentorship, and also taking a coordinated approach to aspects such as payment policy and good practice guidelines

  • Offer inclusive and accessible opportunities for PPIE across teaching and research 

  • Regularly review, evaluate, audit and assess impact of PPI activities.