ResNet is a contact, support and information network with a fairness and gender equality focus for people working in research, teaching and support roles at the University of East Anglia, The John Innes Centre, The Institute of Food Research, The Sainsbury Laboratory and The Genome Analysis Centre. We welcome MSc and PhD students, research staff, postdoctoral researchers, research fellows, technicians, research assistants, administrators, support staff, faculty and project leaders of any gender to our events and email list.

Goals and aims

  • promoting career development
  • providing inspiration, information and support
  • raising awareness about equal opportunities
  • bringing together women with common interests.

The ResNet committee aims to ensure

  • the provision of a network primarily for women in research, teaching and support roles
  • that the aims of ResNet are met by organising regular events (e.g. training, career or equal opportunities information, presentations from inspirational women etc)
  • a range of events that will be of interest to the wide variety of postgraduate students and staff at UEA and the Norwich Bioscience Institutes and meet the needs of all from MSc to Professor
  • that the majority of our events will include a networking opportunity session and free refreshments
  • that all events are advertised widely at UEA, the Norwich Bioscience Institutes, and beyond as appropriate
  • that all events are delivered within the annual ResNet budget
  • that a website and email list are maintained. The email list will be used to alert people to ResNet events, and other opportunities or information that may be of benefit or interest.


  • A minimum of 4 to 6 events per calendar year
  • Additional events, including social events, where feasible.

Resources and budget

  • £3000 per annum from UEA Executive Team for 3 years from the 2013-2014 academic year
  • The UEA Centre for Staff and Educational Development (CSED) provides £500 per annum, up to one day per week of administrative support and the support of a Staff Development Officer
  • Since July 2012 JIC, IFR, and TGAC have agreed to provide support for 2 or 3 events per year (~£1000)
  • Time of committee members for committee meetings, email correspondence, event organisation and event attendance.


  • ResNet is run by a committee of volunteers from UEA and the Norwich Bioscience Institutes with administrative support from UEA Centre for Staff and Educational Development (CSED)
  • Ideally the committee will comprise representatives from each UEA faculty and each institute
  • Individuals may be invited to join the committee to improve the balance of faculty and institute representation.


  • Decisions are to be made with the general consensus of the committee
  • There will be between 2 and 4 formal committee meetings per year
  • Additional committee work is done by email and phone.