A summary of the costs and charges associated with documents and deliveries 



Explanatory Notes

Charge per item

Replacement Parchment

Only available if you have already had your award conferred - whether in person or in absentia (by post).


Certified Copy of Certificate

The first five copies are free. Each additional certified copy costs £5.00.


"To Whom It May Concern" letters

The first five copies are free. Each additional letter costs £5.00.



Students graduating or leaving UEA for other reasons prior to the academic year 2005/6 pay for all copies, those who have graduated or left UEA for other reasons in or after the academic year 2005/6 receive the first copy free.


Signed and sealed envelopes

Documents can be sent in sealed and signed envelopes on request at a cost of £4.00 per envelope. Further information is given below.


Delivery options

Standard UK and International Standard delivery is free of charge.

* UK Next Day Special Delivery


Current Royal Mail rates apply 

(UK addresses only)

* International Special Delivery - Small envelope (size A5)


(Non-UK addresses only)

* International Special Delivery - Large envelope (size A4)


(Non-UK addresses only)

* DHL Courier Delivery


(Non-UK addresses only)

Scanned and emailed PDF – only undertaken in addition to despatch by post. Charges will be payable for each email address.


* Please see the Special Delivery Options page for more information.

Information correct as of 19 June 2020.


Please note that:

Requesting the Royal Mail "UK Next Day Special Delivery" does not mean that the University will be able to prepare and dispatch the transcript the day after receipt of the request.