History Short Course History Short Course

Do you have a passion for the past and an enthusiasm for learning? Our free 12-week History Short Course, designed specifically for mature students, could be for you.

You will learn the key skills of a historian, such as critical reading, referencing and academic writing. The course is tailored to your interests and allows you to apply new skills to a historical topic of your choice for a written assignment. Life can be busy and complicated so there are two variations of the History Short Course to work with your schedule: an online version and an on-campus version - both totally free.

The UEA History Short Course is a programme for students aged 21 and over, who have not previously completed a degree-level qualification. It will harnesses your passion for the past and channel it towards academic study. Completing the course will enable you to progress on to the School of History’s BA in History.

Throughout the course, you will tailor your own experience by applying your new skills to a historical subject of your choosing, exploring the topic through research, presentations, and written work.

No previous qualifications are necessary. If you have spent time away from education, the History Short Course provides a relaxed and friendly environment in which to return to study and offers an opportunity to become an undergraduate at UEA.

Full details about the course and its content can be found in our course catalogue.

Information evenings 

Join us for an informal chat about the course - meet other students and talk to the lecturers - on 5 November and 5 December between 7 and 8pm. Please register your interest for either information evening by emailing hum.outreach@uea.ac.uk

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You'll need some info to hand, so please make sure you're ready with:

  • Existing academic qualifications - although you don't necessarily need any existing qualifications to join the course, if you do have any then it would be useful for us to know about them
  • Reference - you'll be able to upload a reference from someone who is able to testify to your academic abilities; you'll need their name, email address and a written submission
  • Personal statement - use this area to explain to us why you'd like to study the History Short Course with us.


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What have other people who took the course said? What have other people who took the course said?

The History Short Course has a long history of its own and many of its students have progressed on to undergraduate study and beyond. This is what former students have said:

“I found the History Short Course to be very interesting and useful. It has helped me know what to expect and familiarise myself with the university.”

“The History Short Course at UEA gave me enjoyment, skills and but above all the belief that I can successfully complete a degree in history. If you want to do this and have a genuine interest, then this is the opening for you.”

“I found the process incredibly valuable and useful. It gave a really clear vison for the outcome and a good level of guidance and support. I will (and have) recommend it to friends in the future”

“From leaving school (in 1978) to now I have not studied or written any essays. After the History Short Course I feel excited, confident and well-equipped to handle a full-time History degree course.”


What is the history short course?

The History Bridge Course is a 12 week course which aims to take your passion and enthusiasm for history and adapt it to the academic environment. No previous qualifications are necessary and we are open to all applicants over the age of 21 . If you have spent time away from education, for whatever reason, the course provides an opportunity to learn some new skills with the end goal of becoming an undergraduate in the School of History.

What will I learn?

The History Bridge Course focuses on improving key skills and confidence in the following areas: 

  • How to get in and get on at UEA
  • How to manage your time effectively
  • How to navigate academic texts
  • How to take notes in different contexts
  • How to make effective use of resources
  • How to write academically. 

When will the course take place?

The on-campus version of the course starts on 16 January 2020, running for 12 weeks on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm. The online version will open from 20 January 2020 and will close on 30 April 2020.

What equipment will I need to join the online course?

You will need access to a computer, which is connected to the internet. For tutorials, it would also be useful to have access to a webcam and a microphone.

What will I get at the end?

Each student will receive an overall mark and a reference from the module organiser, which, provided they achieve the required grade, will help them to continue their studies at UEA. 

What facilities will I have access to?

History Bridge Course students will have full access to the library and its online resources. You will receive a UEA email account and access to our Virtual Learning Environment, Blackboard, where course materials will be available. 

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely none whatsoever. Reading suggestions will be provided, and can be tailored to suit each individual student, but you are under no obligation to buy any extra materials.