Meet the Team Meet the Team

Alexandra Cole

Head of International Programmes & Study Abroad

Alex moved from project management in the private sector to UEA to develop activities to widen access to higher education for high school students, before moving to lead UEA’s international study programmes in 2005. Her focus involves engaging all services of the University in the strategic direction of UEA’s study abroad programmes, developing initiatives to increase outbound mobility, embedding an ethos of widening access to mobility for all students and ensuring all students feel part of the Study Abroad Community. “We’re delighted to introduce our diverse and passionate team. Successful collaborations are at the heart of everything we do to support student and staff mobility, and we take time to work with our partners to develop mutually beneficial relationships. We’re actively developing opportunities for our students to gain an international experience, and working closely with our valued partners to increase options for two-way short-term study abroad.”


Clementine Jones

European Partnerships Manager

Clementine has been involved in the Erasmus programme for over 20 years and has acquired a wealth of knowledge on EU regulations and contract negotiations. She is a HEURO committee member and was awarded the status of Erasmus Minister by the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators in 2016.

Brittany Hopkins

Study Abroad Administrator

Brittany obtained her degree in International Studies in The Netherlands, and spent her study abroad period in Canada. She has also spent time travelling Europe, the USA and South East Asia. Brittany administers partnership agreements and Erasmus staff mobility.


Katrien Verbruggen

Study Abroad Manager

Originally from Belgium, Katrien has studied and worked in a number of countries. She holds Masters Degrees in Economic Sciences and Languages, and has been part of the international mobility community since leaving high school. Before moving to the UK, Katrien worked in international development. In her current role, she manages the student exchange programme, working closely with our Schools of Study and partner universities.

Emma Waters

Widening Access & Student Mobility Support Officer

A UEA graduate, Emma completed her study abroad programme in America. In her current role, she aims to support students from a diverse range of backgrounds to ensure all students have the opportunity to study abroad and can reap the benefits of such an experience.

Rachel Gover

Study Abroad Administrator

Rachel graduated in 2017 with an English Literature degree. Having lived in both America and Canada, she is passionate about the benefits of travel for students. Her role involves managing social media accounts and our student blog, coordinating merchandise and logistics, assisting both the Incoming and Outgoing teams and facilitating partner visits to UEA.

Brook Newton

Mobility Data & Systems Officer

Brook has lived in Canada, Germany, and Australia and speaks French and German. He is responsible for technical and data support for the office, including maintaining our partnership and data management systems.


Claire Arnup

International Programmes Manager

Claire manages the Summer Study programme, with a focus on building partner relations and continually developing the programme. Customised short-term courses are also a large part of her role, welcoming many international student groups to campus each year. Claire has worked and volunteered in Australia, Africa and South East Asia and enjoys travelling as part of her current role. Claire’s love of travel started during a gap year and inspired her to help students gain a similar experience.


Allie Gibson

Incoming Study Abroad Coordinator

A UEA History graduate, Allie has worked in Study Abroad since 2016. She is passionate about delivering a brilliant study abroad experience for incoming students, as well as promoting UEA as a destination to prospective visiting students.

Celine De Oliveira

Incoming Study Abroad Administrator

During her studies, Celine supported international students at her home university in France. Celine brings personal Erasmus experience to her role, having studied abroad in Portugal, and is dedicated to international student mobility.


Emma Pinder

Outgoing Study Abroad Coordinator

Emma has been part of the Study Abroad team for over 5 years. She graduated from UEA with a degree in Ecology, and brings personal study abroad experience in Canada to the role. Emma has travelled to North & South America, Africa, New Zealand and Europe, and is passionate about encouraging students to broaden their horizons and promoting cultural integration.

Angela Murgatroyd

Outgoing Study Abroad Administrator (Europe & Latin America)

Angela enjoys supporting our outgoing students, and has specific responsibility for our European and South American placements. She has lived and worked in Germany for many years and has spent time travelling in Australia and New Zealand. Angela is a keen supporter of student mobility and enjoys advising students.

Orla Condra

Outgoing Study Abroad Administrator (USA)

Orla graduated from UEA with a degree in Modern Languages. She worked as an English Language Assistant in Belgium during her year abroad, which gave her invaluable experience of meeting lots of new people and travelling around Europe. During her four years studying at UEA, Orla worked as a language ambassador and enjoyed working at local schools promoting language learning and providing weekly French language assistance.

Rachel Jones

Outgoing Study Abroad Administrator (Africa, Asia, Australasia & Canada)

Rachel obtained a Masters degree in Applied Translation Studies from UEA and studied abroad in France and Spain. Before joining our team, she gained work experience in multilingual communications and overseas events administration at an NGO. Rachel is passionate about encouraging students to have the experience of living and studying abroad.