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Module Guidance

  • Request at least 9 module options per semester of study. 
  • Ensure that modules requested are for the appropriate semester (Autumn-only students must not select modules with exams).
  • Each semester is comprised of 12 weeks of teaching.
  • A full courseload is 120 UEA credits per year (60 UEA credits per semester). This is usually equivalent to three modules per semester.
  • Non-Erasmus+ students must ensure that 2/3 of modules are in a single Faculty.
  • Japanese exchange students with IELTS 6.0 may request Language modules only.
  • Japanese exchange students with IELTS 6.5 and higher may select from all modules available to visiting students.
  • Erasmus+ students may select modules only within the academic discipline to which they have been nominated.


NB: 2015-16 listings for some modules are available in the left-hand menu.  

All module listings are provisional and subject to change.



2015-16 Visiting Student Module Catalogue

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 1 (AMA) (PDF Document)

Art, Media and American Studies

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 2 (HIS) (PDF Document)

History - Final year modules only available to History majors.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 3 (LDC) (PDF Document)

Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC): Spaces are extremely limited in final year modules. Students may request a maximum of two LDC modules per semester. Alternatives can be found in Art, Media and American Studies.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 4 (PPL Languages) (PDF Document)

Language and Communication (PPL): Spaces are limited on translation modules.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 5 (PPL Politics and Philosophy) (PDF Document)

Politics and Philosophy


For the following schools, please use the 2014-15 catalogue for reference.

Faculty of Social Sciences (PDF Document)

Economics - Autumn-only modules are limited.

Education - Modules with sport or classroom placements are not available. - 2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu

International Development 

Norwich Law School  -- 2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu

Norwich Business School - Primarily year-long modules available. Alternatives may be found in Economics. - 2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu

Psychology - Limited to students majoring or minoring in Psychology, and dependent upon demand.

Faculty of Science (PDF Document)


Chemistry - 2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu

Computing Sciences - Autumn-only modules are limited.

Environmental Sciences - Autumn-only modules are limited.

Mathematics - No Autumn-only modules available.


Module Choice

Please download and complete the Module Request Form and upload to your online application.

Please follow this link for further information about the Timetable Slotting System.