Whether you study Humanities, Sciences or Social Sciences, you'll find a wide variety of exciting modules and gold-standard teaching open to you at UEA. 

You must request at least 9 module options per semester of study. This is more than you will take in a semester, but we ask for extra choices in case some of your choices are full or unavailable.

A full courseload is 120 UCU per year (60 UCU per semester). This is usually equivalent to three modules per semester.

Undergraduate modules come in three levels: Level 4 (first year), Level 5, and Level 6 (final year).  Please ensure you are choosing modules at an appropriate level.

Erasmus students must select the majority of their modules within the subject area to which they have been nominated. Non-Erasmus+ students must ensure that 2/3 of modules are in a single subject area.

Japanese exchange students with IELTS 6.0 may request Language modules only. Japanese exchange students with IELTS 6.5 and higher may select from all modules available to visiting students.

If you're studying with us for the Autumn semester, you won't be able to take exams as our exam period follows the Spring term.  If you're interested in a module with an exam and you will only be here for the Autumn, please ask us whether it is possible to have an alternate assessment for that module.

For information on UEA credits and how they relate to ECTS, as well as information on grading, please see here. For information on the UEA timetable slotting system, please see here

All module listings are provisional and subject to change.

2019/20 Module Catalogues (PDFs) 2019/20 Module Catalogues (PDFs)



Arts and Humanities

History (HIS) Final year modules only available to History majors. Autumn Full Year Spring
Language and Communication Studies (PPL) Spaces are limited on translation modules. Autumn Full Year Spring
Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC) Spaces are limited.  Maximum 2 LDC modules per term, only 1 of which may be a Drama module.  Alternatives to LDC modules can be found in Art, Media and American Studies. Autumn   Spring
Media and American Studies (AMA) Autumn   Spring
Philosophy (PPL) Autumn   Spring
Political, Social, and International Studies (PPL) Autumn Full Year Spring
World Art Studies (AMA) Autumn   Spring


Social Sciences

Economics (ECO) Alternatives to exams are available for all Autumn semester-only students. Autumn Full Year Spring
Education (EDU) Autumn Full Year Spring
International Development (DEV) Autumn Full Year Spring
Law School (LAW) Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law Autumn   Spring
Norwich Business School (NBS) Almost exclusively year-long modules available. Alternatives may be found in Economics. Autumn Full Year Spring
Psychology (PSY) Limited to students majoring or minoring in Psychology, and dependent upon demand. Autumn Full Year Spring



Biology (BIO) Alternatives to exams are available for all Autumn semester-only students. Autumn Full Year Spring
Chemistry (CHE) Autumn Full Year Spring
Computing Sciences (CMP) Autumn Full Year Spring
Engineering (MTH)     Spring
Environmental Sciences (ENV) Autumn Full Year Spring
Mathematics (MTH) Autumn Full Year Spring
Pharmacy (PHA) Autumn Full Year  
Physics (CHE)   Full Year Spring