Applications for 2020-21 SeNSS studentships are now open Applications for 2020-21 SeNSS studentships are now open

The deadline for these studentships has now passed. Applications will reopen inthe autumn of 2020; in the meantime, queries related to ESRC studentships at UEA, please contact the Postgraduate Research Service at

We welcome applications from students with their own funding all year - please enquire for further information.


Current PhD students should follow this guidance to apply for SeNSS funding.

Otherwise, the steps for applying for a SeNSS ESRC studentship at UEA are outlined below and described in more detail in this PDF:

1. Check your eligibility

a. Academic eligibility

For 1+3 (Master’s + PhD) awards you must have qualifications or experience equal to a first or upper second class honours degree or an equivalent combination of qualifications and/or experience;

For +3 awards you must have qualifications or experience equal to a Master’s degree at distinction or merit or an equivalent combination of qualifications and/or experience.

+3.5 or +3.25 awards are also possible, in which the extra 6 or 3 months of funding allows students to take modules that bring their research methods training up to the level required by the ESRC. For further information please see the SeNSS guidance.

Studentships will be awarded on the basis of the excellence of both candidate and research proposal.

b. Residential eligibility

Full studentships (covering tuition fees and paying a stipend) are only open to candidates who meet the residency requirements outlined in the UKRI Training Grant Terms and Conditions Guidance (Annex B)). Usually, UK or EU nationals who have been ordinarily resident in the UK for the three years leading up to the start of the studentship are eligible for a full studentship.

EU candidates meeting the relevant criteria will be eligible for a “fees only” studentship. These do not pay students a stipend.

International candidates may be considered for full funding, but only in the Economics Pathway.

2. Apply to UEA

The deadline for you to submit your PhD application(s) to UEA is midday on 20 January 2020.

We encourage prospective candidates to contact supervisors to discuss their proposed PhD research before submitting an application. If you are finding it difficult to find a suitable supervisor, then we recommend you make enquiries via the relevant institutional pathway lead(s). We strongly encourage you to submit your application well before the deadline.

If you are applying for a 1+3 studentship, then you must submit two applications, one for the Master’s degree and one for the PhD. The Master’s degree must be chosen from the list of those that meet ESRC eligibility criteria.

It will help us to deal with your applications efficiently if you can mention in both applications that you are applying for a 1+3 SeNSS studentship.

The online application form for both Master’s and PhD programmes, along with the guidance notes, can be found on the UEA website.

3. Apply for SeNSS studentship funding

The deadline for you to submit your funding application to SeNSS is 23:59 on Monday 3 February 2020. However, you will need inputs from your supervisor and references before this deadline, so do not leave your application until the last days before the deadline.

If your supervisor agrees, you can apply for SeNSS funding via their (separate) application form. The SeNSS administrative team at UEA will provide details of how to access the form; details of what will be needed for your SeNSS application can be found on the SeNSS website.

Please note that it is your responsibility as the applicant to follow up with supervisors and referees to ensure that your application is fully complete before the deadline of 23:59 on Monday 3 February 2020.

Following this deadline, each of the SeNSS pathways at UEA will select candidates to put forward to the SeNSS DTP for funding. Candidates who are unsuccessful at this stage will be informed by Friday 21 February 2020.

Pathway leads from across the SeNSS consortium will then assess nominated candidates from across the network. Candidates who are unsuccessful at this stage will be informed by Friday 20 March 2020.

The SeNSS management board will then consider the reports from the Pathway Leads and confirm the list of successful candidates. The first studentship offers are expected to be made on 2 and 3 April 2020.

4. Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) studentships

The SeNSS DTP is keen to encourage applications for an AQM-steered studentship, which is offered as part of the current SeNSS studentship competition. AQM-steered means the use of advanced quantitative methods, and/or use of large datasets, and/or use of big data methods and associated innovative analytical methods (more than one may apply).

The AQM studentship is subject to the academic and residential eligibility requirements above, and should be applied for through the standard application process outlined above. Further details are available on the SeNSS website.