He Can We Can - Male Aspirations Programme He Can We Can - Male Aspirations Programme

he can we can - male aspirations programme - uea outreach

We are strongly committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed and achieve their goals. Working class male students are particularly underrepresented at universities across the country and are out-performed by their female peers.

Our male aspirations programme - He Can We Can - aims to engage male students throughout their student journey, raising aspirations, confidence and attainment and ultimately allowing for progression to higher education (HE).

Alongside this structured programme, we are happy to organise bespoke events on campus to encourage male students to pursue higher education as an option. If you have something in mind, please get in touch. 


"Giv[ing] students the grounding needed for peers, teachers and others to develop and build on."  

Teacher at Norfolk high school


"You are not expected to do very well… people have to be encouraged from early on to engage with education and think it’s for them."

Professor Green - musician 


To discuss the He Can We Can programme in more detail, please get in touch with outreach@uea.ac.uk or contact the programme coordinator on 01603 592914.

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