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The journey of a young person through higher education can be as life-changing for their family as much as it is for them. Providing support, whilst also ‘letting go' can be a difficult balance to achieve. So, we like to act as a source of support to both the student and their parents/carers, to ensure that the transition and progression are as smooth as possible.

The aim of a university education is not just to provide academic and/or vocational training, but also to encourage the development of personal skills, including independence and confidence. The support and encouragement of family and friends can be vital for young people at this time, but family members may also need to stand back and watch at a little distance as the student learns to function independently, even if they encounter some difficulties along the way.

This part of our website has been written specifically for families with the aim of informing and reassuring them about the information, advice and guidance that UEA provides to help ensure that students achieve their academic and personal goals, learn the skills to overcome any difficulties, and prepare for a future in which they will thrive. Follow the left hand links to find out more about what we offer to our students, and how we can help you to ensure that your student is happy and successful at UEA.

If your child is joining us at UEA this September you can find out what they need to do before and when they arrive by visiting our New Students Website.

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