Funding for new research on counter-terrorism powers of proscription

Lee Jarvis, Professor of International Politics at UEA, has been awarded funding by the Australian Research Councilfor a major new research project with Dr. Tim Legrand of the University of Adelaide. The project – The Proscription of Terrorist Organisations in Illiberal States – will investigate the banning of terrorist organisations in Cameroon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in order to explore the intersections of colonial powers of proscription, global anti-terrorism norms, and the security concerns of illiberal democracies. Their work on these themes will build on Jarvis and Legrand’s previous research, and their forthcoming book, on proscription, shedding new comparative light on this important power’s international manifestations.

Funding for research on Immigration Detention Centers in the United States

Eitan Tzelgov has received funding from Boston University's Questrom School of Business, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Russell Sage Foundation for a  research project entitled: "Space, Place, and Political Ideology: A case study of Immigration Detention Centers in the United States" with Rebekah Getman, Amanda Lu, Harry Oppenheimer, and Shomon Shamsuddin. This builds on earlier funding received by the team for a pilot study. Eitan and his colleagues will be taking a mixed-method approach - using qualitative, computational and experimental methods - to study the impact of the embeddedness of immigrant detention centres in local communities on the views of local residents towards immigrants. The results will shed light on issues like polarization and normalization of atrocities. 


Hussein Kassim has been appointed one of nine new senior fellows under the ESRC’s ‘The UK in a Changing Europe’ programme. His research will investigate the UK’s repositioning in Europe following the UK referendum and will focus on the Brexit negotiations. The award begins June 2019 and runs for three years.


Congratulations to John Turnpenny for the award of an Open Research Area for the Social Sciences (ORA) grant to conduct the project, ‘Climate adaptation policy lock-ins: a 3 x 3 approach’. John will work alongside colleagues from Open University of the Netherlands and the University of Oldenburg on this three-year project, awarded in November 2018.


Congratulations to Toby James, who won the ESRC runner-up prize for research impact, awarded in July 2018 for his impact case: Helping the UK's missing millions to vote.



Congratulations to Simon Curtis, winner of the Hedley Bull Prize in International Relations for his monograph ‘Global Cities and Global Order’ (OUP)!

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