Examples of our engagement and outreach activities within the wider community Examples of our engagement and outreach activities within the wider community

We engage in a variety of outreach activities including discover days, talks at sixth form colleges and public lectures. 

Discover Philosophy

Discover Philosophy will give students a real sense of what philosophy is about, of its mind-boggling challenges and the unexpected perspectives it can give us. It will put students in touch with some of the exciting research done at UEA, and give them an idea of what it is like to study philosophy at our University.

Public lectures

Philosophy has always gained strength from its engagement with the world around us, and in turn may help us to understand this world in which we live. In our annual series of public lectures, philosophers and philosophically-minded scholars from other disciplines analyse pressing social, ethical and political problems.

Guardians of future generations

In his recent work, UEA philosopher Rupert Read has argued that the interests of future generations should be formally represented within our existing parliamentary democracy by a dedicated body, the 'guardians of future generations'. Read's project is currently debated on the political scene, e.g. by local think-tanks like Greenhouse and has received national and international attention. To learn more about it:

UEA Philosophers at the Cinema

We regularly team up with Cinema City to host public screenings related to our research. UEA philosophers introduce great movies with philosophical themes. Each film is followed by a Q&A session and then drinks in the bar, where discussion can continue further. No prior knowledge of philosophy required! Over the summer/autumn of 2014 a themed programme on ‘Mortality' was held. 

Normal cinema prices and concessions apply.

To book tickets call Cinema City on 0871 902 5724 or visit the Cinema City website.

Cafe Conversations

Our academic staff members regularly hold evening debates on the topics of their research in pubs or bars, both to disseminate in an informal, relaxed way, their ongoing work among the wider public and to test the significance of their reflections against the reactions and thoughts of a non-specialist public. Cafe conversations run in the autumn or spring semesters. The last series ran in February-March 2013. A full programme of the next series will be available in due time.

Future Philosophy Show

UEA Philosophy Students and Lecturers collaborate with Future Radio to produce short broadcasts on philosophical topics, aimed at a broad audience. Recent broadcasts include:

Talks for sixth-formers

Our academic staff members regularly visit Sixth-Form Colleges or have classes come to UEA to enjoy philosophical talks and debate and ask about university life and academic research in philosophy. Recent talks include:

  • December 2014: 'What is Philosophy?', Sixth Form Event at UEA (Dr Davide Rizza)
  • October 2014: 'Monads and Galaxies', Norwich High School (Dr Davide Rizza)
  • October 2013: 'Are lines made of points?' Norwich High School (Dr Davide Rizza)
  • November 2012: ‘The origins of political thought'. UEA visit, Paston College. (Dr Davide Rizza)
  • February 2012. 'Justice in Republic Book 1'. East Norfolk Sixth-Form College. (Prof. Catherine Rowett)

Community University Engagement

UEA has a small dedicated Community University Engagement team who are on hand to advise staff and students about different aspects of their engagement activity including ideas, planning, evaluation and impact.  Financial and practical assistance is also available via a Small Expenses Fund and the loan of equipment such as audio recorders. You can find more information and case studies on the Community University Engagement website