Delivering a regional accreditation scheme Delivering a regional accreditation scheme

About the Course

We deliver a regional accreditation scheme developed in line with the Nationally Recognised Framework for Final Accuracy Checking of Dispensed Items ensure that pharmacy technicians are developed with the skills and knowledge to undertake the final accuracy check of dispensed items that have been clinically screened and approved by a pharmacist

Delivered as blended learning of e-learning, face-to-face teaching and practice-based activities, to complete the course candidates are required to:

  • Complete a checking log of 1000 dispensed items
  • Build a portfolio of evidence
  • Undertake a final checking assessment under controlled conditions
  • Complete an external review

Entry Requirements

  • An allocated educational supervisor*
  • Registered with the GPhC
  • At least 1 year post-qualification with minimum 6 months dispensing experience (3 months in current workplace)
  • A dispensing log of 200 items with no errors or Dispensing Accuracy Assessment completed within the last 2 years (final 200 items – no errors)

*please note that new educational supervisors for this course are required to attend a half day educational supervisor study session. For more information and available dates go to ACPT Educational Supervisors Day

Learning Outcomes

  • Equip Pharmacy Technicians with the skills to confirm dispensing accuracy of any prescription previously screened/approved by a pharmacist
  • Develop the technician's professional awareness
  • Encourage the further development of communication/interpersonal skills
  • Develop professional interaction between pharmacy technicians, partients, colleagues and healthcare professionals
  • Enable appropriate skill-mix within pharmacy departments

Study Days

  • 10 January 2018 - Sportspark, UEA, Norwich
  • 18 April 2018 - Girton College, Cambridge
  • 18 July 2018 - Girton College, Cambridge

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  • 13 December 2017 - Sportspark, UEA, Norwich
  • 21 March 2018 - Sportspark, UEA, Norwich

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Further Information

Email: Sharon Walker or Kate Cannon
Specialist Pharmacy Education & Training Technicians