Supporting talented and musically ambitious students Supporting talented and musically ambitious students

UEA Music Scholarships (for students applying for 2018 entry)

Applications for Music Scholarships for 2018 entry are now closed.

Applications for 2019 entry will open in Autumn 2018.

UEA is offering Music Scholarships, worth up to £3,000 (payable over three years). To find out more, please refer to the UEA Music Scholarship website.

*Please note that if you are awarded a UEA Music Scholarship you will not be eligible for a UEA Music Centre Award.


UEA Music Centre Awards (for all new and current students)

UEA Music Centre awards a number of Music Centre Awards every year, to students who show exceptional musical achievement and commitment. These awards go towards one-to-one tuition and coaching, by leading professionals. The awards are designed to encourage the recipients to develop their technique, musicianship, performance, and leadership skills.

Purpose of UEA Music Centre Awards

The purpose of the awards is to support musicians of high standard who are willing to contribute significantly to the musical life of the University.

The awards are intended for musicians of any instrument or voice and any style or tradition – including different national traditions - who can demonstrate an excellent standard of performance allied to a plan for enriching the musical life of the University.

It is expected that a major part of the contribution made by the holder of an award will be to play or sing in University ensembles relevant to their voice or instrument, and to be a leading member of those ensembles, demonstrating commitment and encouraging others. Those for whom no ensemble is appropriate will be expected to devise and demonstrate ways of contributing to the musical life of the University (e.g. form new ensembles, organise concerts, perform at University functions). It is important that you think carefully about how you might make your contributions, rather than expect to be directed towards the necessary steps.

The awards are worth £750 each year for successful applicants. Where a candidate shows promise and passion, but has not quite met the award standard, £350 may be awarded to support their musical development towards a full award in a subsequent year. For a candidate that performs at an exceptional standard there may be an award worth up to £1,000. This will be awarded via the same audition process and no separate application is necessary.

The awards are made for one year, but if the holder wishes to continue and can demonstrate that they have made significant contributions during that year, the award may be renewed.

Requirements, Interviews and Auditions

No qualifications need have been attained; a high standard of performance can be demonstrated at audition. For those used to the graded exam system, Grade 8 and above is a benchmark, but this need not have been taken.

All awards are made by interview and audition. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to:

  • A short interview with our Director of Music, Stuart Dunlop, which will focus on your musical achievements and plans for further progress, along with your ideas for contributing to the musical life of UEA.
  • An audition, no longer than 10 minutes, where you will be asked to perform two contrasting pieces of your choice (an accompanist will be provided where appropriate).

*Please note: If you currently have a UEA Music Scholarship you are not eligible for a UEA Music Centre Award

How to apply

All UEA students, no matter what course they are studying, are eligible to apply for a UEA Music Centre Award.

Applications for the 2017-18 UEA Music Centre Awards have now closed. Applications for the 2018-19 UEA Music Centre Awards will open in May 2018.

If your application is successful, you will be asked to attend an interview and audition, which will be held in weeks 4 and 5.