Joined up approach to research strategies and management Joined up approach to research strategies and management

Research within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences aims to meet NHS needs and priorities. This is achieved in a number of ways:

  • Through involvement on national and regional NHS committees.

  • By undertaking research with NHS partner organisations.

  • Support for NHS research is provided through the NIHR East of England Research and Development Support Unit, whose staff provide expert advice and guidance to NHS health care professionals on the design and conduct of research projects.

  • Joint working with local NHS Trusts through a Research Governance Partnership Agreement for the implementation of the requirements of the Department of Health's Research Governance Framework (23 February 2006, update in process of being signed off).

Collaboration across the local NHS Trusts in the primary, secondary and mental health sectors is reinforced through the Clinical Research Network. The joined up approach to research strategies and management is further developed through a Joint Research Office which currently exists in virtual form. Ongoing work includes the development of joint Standard Operating Procedures wherever possible. Existing SOPs are available on the NNUH R&D Office website. The first of these joint SOPs to be approved was Sponsorship of Research (SOP 400, approved December 2010) with others approved during 2011. The virtual Joint Research Office provides administrative teams across NHS partners and the University to enable the management of shared facilities and research support functions to achieve the objectives of the joint research strategies as well as continuing to ensure the application of a common and cost effective approach to research governance for all projects.

Researchers planning on undertaking research with the NHS are advised to discuss their research proposals at the idea stage with the relevant NHS Trusts to ensure compatibility with NHS priorities and to secure service support cost approval. 

The following documents and links may help:

Update on processes for seeking NHS research approvals (Word Doc, 35KB)

Alternatively contact Research and Enterprise Services for more information.

Mental Health Research Network

The Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) helps researchers based at universities throughout the country to recruit people willing to take part in trials and studies through NHS services. It also works to involve people with experience of mental health problems, their family members and mental health professionals as advisors and consultants on research projects.

The MHRN is part of the National Institute for Health Research and you can find out more about what it does for research teams and how to get involved in its work and the studies it supports by visiting the MHRN Website, or contacting the East Anglia regional office (called a hub) on 01223 746 135.